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Our company offers the lowest prices on the market. Why do we have such good prices? The answer is simple: we have an office of qualified trained academic writers. The great variety of writers helps us to find the best suitable writer for any type of order you place with us.

How do we calculate the price for your order?

Order cost is based on the following characteristics:

  • Number of pages or slides needed for the order
  • How fast the order should be completed (deadline of the order)
  • Academic year (we offer: High school, College (1-2 and 3-4), Master’s and Ph.D.
  • Other extra services, such as: Summary page, Editor’s Service, Category of the Writer etc.

The table below shows the price according to the required deadline and year of studying.

You are free to choose a preferable currency to pay for your order.

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Do not doubt to order a rewriting, proofreading or editing service for your already completed work. Professionals will adjust your content, remove grammar and mistakes in punctuation, rewrite the required parts and send you an outstanding order back.

  • Rewriting service includes up to 70% remarks and adjustments added to the initial content.
  • In editing service your writer is allowed to fix the work up to 30%. Your writer will fix grammar, punctuation, remove or add certain parts of the work.
  • Proofreading service: the writer will not edit or remove any part of the content, but will fix punctuation, grammar and mistakes in spelling throughout the paper.

While placing your order on the website, we advise you to add the option of “Editor’s Service” to your order. The completed paper will be read and edited by a Ph.D. writer in your field of study. After your initial writer completes the paper, your order will be transferred to a Top writer to be proofread and edited if needed. Editor’s Service allows you to save time and be 100% confident your work is completed on the highest level.

Additional services

Deadline Content writing Cover Letter writing Resume writing CV writing
Deadline High school College University Master's Doctoral
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