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Money Back Policy at Doessay.net

We are convinced that our company’s key task is relieve our customers from difficulties with academic works and delivering superb papers. We want our customer to feel safe with us, this is why we are working basing only on the policies that are rational and “customer-friendly”. Here you can find our Money Back Policy explicated.

  1. “Is it possible to receive my money back?”

    Without doubts, we have arranged the money back option for our customers when they support their dispute claim with justifiable reasons.

    We approach every case personally, which is why we are able to resolve each case of dispute successfully and to keep the customer contented.

    Satisfactory rating of Doessay.net is more than 97%. Nevertheless, rare misunderstandings are unpreventable; for this reason, we have arranged the refund opportunity.

  2. “What to do to open a dispute on my order?”

    The very first step of starting disputing your order is sending the email to our Dispute Department. We assure that you will get a response within next 5-10 days after the claim has been issued. The Dispute Department manager requires enough time to review the customer’s case to make sure that all the points are assessed fairly and no detail is omitted. After the solution is developed the DD Manager will send an email response to you.

    We are asking our customers to stay in touch with our coworkers during the dispute resolution as the effectiveness of the process depends on the customer’s cooperation, to a large extent.

  3. “When can I get my payment back?”
    • “I paid for my order two times.”

      If you made a double payment on your order accidentally we expect you to inform our support team representative about the issue as soon as it is possible. When the customer support team member check this info and verifies it we will be able to refund the accidental payment to you. In case our side representatives notice the double amount paid do not hesitate that it will be refunded to you during the shortest terms.

    • “I placed one and the same order twice”

      Do not worry if such a problem happens to you. Just check the previous point about double payment and perform the identical actions. Be sure that the successful solution will be applied.

    • “I have received my paper after the deadline passed”.
      • We are glad to offer a partial refund of your payment if you received the work after the deadline expiration. The procedure of the price recalculation in this situation is the following: the primarily requested time frame for order completing is 12 hours and the paper has been delivered to you later than in 12 hours and 20 minutes – contact our DD and ask them to recount your price according to 24 hours deadline.
      • We are requesting our customers to take into consideration the fact that the prompt paper completion depends on them to a large extent as well. In particular, we are not able to proceed with the orders if we did not receive the necessary clarifications or files for the paper completion. Please, make sure that your order instruction is arranged fully when the writer starts working on it.
      • Occasionally, we call for the customer’s allowance for deadline extending. The common reason for this situation is the short terms and complex or technical requirements for the paper. Once we receive the agreement from the client to extend the deadline he or she will not be able to ask for a refund on the basis of lateness.
      • We are glad to receive your money back requests within 10 days after you have got the finished order delivered to you. If you send the request outside the 10 days deadline, please, unfortunately, we will not be able to review it and satisfy your claim.
    • “I have requested a revision and fixed paper arrived to me late”.
      • We do not offer the refund in cases of the revised order late delivery to the client.
      • Nevertheless, you are welcome to open a dispute on the order if the revision has been more than 30 minutes delayed. Though, you will be restricted from getting your paper fixed in future.
      • The biggest size of possible refund in case of revision delivery delay is 15%. This refund is issued only per customer’s request and after the claim to DD is submitted.
    • “The paper does not correspond to my instructions/requirements/demands”

      Doessay.net is trying its best to adhere every single comment of the customer as we appreciate your credence to us. But in certain situations 100% fulfillment is not possible, which is why we are granting you the chance to get your payment back. Here are the cases when the customer can open a dispute:

      • The preview version of the completed paper/essay/assignment has been received and the customer has not given his or her approval on it so far. In such a case, the client has an excellent opportunity to get the paper fixed or amended without making any extra payments. If the revision option is not suitable for the case, the customer can open a dispute at our DD. The manager of DD requires reasonable evidence for opening a dispute as we are trying our best to elude the fraud activity among individuals that are using our service. The confirmation of the order being unsatisfactory is expected to be received after 7 days of opening a dispute. If the customer fails to provide them there will be not chance to request money back again
      • You have got the final variant of the completed paper and have confirmed its approving. In such a case we consider your approval as confirmation of your satisfaction with the work and enable you to get not more than 30% of your payment refunded.
      • You decide to cancel the order which you placed. The instances of cancelation differ and, therefore, the conditions of refund are not the same, too. If you would like to cancel the order right after placing it once we have not assigned the writer you can get the entire payment of yours back, just do not forget to inform us on time. Once the writer is allocated for the order of yours and not more than half of the deadline expired you can apply for up to 70% refund. If more than ½ of your deadline passed you will have a chance to receive about 30% of your amount paid. On the occasion the client desires to cancel the order once the paper is written no refund is possible.
      • All the orders are approved inevitably in case you do not contact us regarding the revision or refund within 10 days after we send the completed work to you. The dispute opening and revision service are not obtainable after 10 days time frame. With the intention of being aware of your order progress we recommend that you stay in contact with the writer and our representatives while your paper is being written. From our side, we are trying our best keep up the contact with the clients with the help of messages, emails, phone call notifications and so on.
    • “My paper is unoriginal and plagiarized”

      We do guarantee that the papers delivered by our company are fully original and correspond to the instructions provided by the customers. There is a special plagiarism detecting software in our charge so to check all the products, which we deliver. Lest you still claim on your paper’s similarity being too high we will kindly ask you to send the plagiarism report from Turnitin plagiarism detector or the similar system from your school/college/university.

      We are reminding our clients that if you decide to check the paper through Turnitin.com you should be aware of the fact that it saves all the submitted papers to its database, which is why they may appear unoriginal in future.

    • “I want to get refunded for the additional features of the order selected”

      The only extra feature, which is eligible for refund is the category of the writer (solely in case we have not allocated the writer for the order so far). Lest you request other extra features like writer’s samples, turnitin report, editor’s service or summary of the work to be refunded we will be obliged to decline your claim.

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