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News Diet

TV news

Things you do for a long time become parts of your unconsciousness and turn into habits. News is not an exception. On one side, watching news programs makes you aware: you receive information and orient well in modern world. On the other side: you’ll know about anything important anyway.

If you stop watching news, you’ll get much free time for something more useful: reading books, going in for sports, studying. Here goes the list of advantages.

  • 1. You’ll Feel Better

    Haven’t you felt life getting worse and worse day after day while watching news regularly? The fact of news agencies choosing negative news has its logical explanation. Canadian researchers Mark Trassler and Stewart Soroka held an experiment: they asked the participants to choose what news to read on their own. What do you think people to prefer in that case? Right, negative news about corruption, crisis, cynical politicians and so on.

    So, will your life get better if you surround yourself with such information on purpose? Doubtfully. The real consequence of news refusal is your mood getting better.

  • 2. You Achieved Nothing with News

    Person Watching News

    If you ask a person who watches news regularly about advantages they get due to that activity, you’ll hear something like: “This is my civil position: to be aware” or “I have to know what’s going on in the world” or “I can’t ignore all those troubles”. But these phrases are not answers to the given question.

    “Being aware” sounds like an achievement, but it says any information to help that. You know this is wrong. Half or all the info (in the best possible case) doesn’t bring any value but only overloads your memory. You won’t become more aware if you read the schedule of the bus you don’t travel with. Information has value when it is being used.

    You won’t remember any news note a week after you read it. It doesn’t have practical usage, this means it is unnecessary. Almost all the news info gets deleted out of your memory, but you can’t bring back time you wasted to get it.

    If you limit news consumption, you’ll see you lost nothing. Humans repeat everything they hear, read and see. Be careful about that.

  • 3. Most of Friendly Discussions Worth Nothing

    “It helps to support the discussion with friends” is another argument brought by news admirers. You can discuss anything you want, there are numerous topics: common interests, science, art, philosophy etc. Additionally, if you are not involved into a problem emotionally, then you are much more open to this info, and you can think critically about that.

    Though, if you want to divide a friendly pack into some rival camps, then discuss news.

  • 4. There are Better Ways to Get Aware

    Being Aware

    Information is everywhere nowadays. The point is to understand what is worth your time and what is not. Have you ever analyzed what you read and watch every day? Can you estimate profits from that info in short-term and long-term perspective?

    If you really like news about a particular topic, isn’t it better to read some topical books? The history of the topic is the great thing. Additionally, once you read such books, you’ll be able to think more deeply.

  • 5. You Do Nothing

    Concernment feeling convinces you that you do something, but you actually don’t.

    This is the trouble of the most part of people. We are so lazy that we cheat on ourselves, we think our concernment to be an action. This is why the argument “At least I care” doesn’t work. If you watched the news about bad attitude towards animals and then you did something to make their lives easier, then it’s fine. In other cases, you get yourself into a self-deception.

    Try to keep up to the news diet for at least a month. I suppose, you won’t wish to refuse it after that.

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