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The Thesis Statement in a Research Essay

Student Writing

What is thesis at all? It is considered to be an approval which shows the major issue and concepts of your essay. There is no doubt that probably the most significant part of work is making a fine thesis statement in an essay, and the success of your writing depends on it. Nonetheless not everybody is aware of how to create it and make it suitable and understandable for a reader. So there are several tips how to make a position statement correctly. These may be especially useful for students who usually do suchlike kind of writing.

Familiar with Theme

It is necessarily if you want to make a great thesis assertion. Don’t be lazy to read some info about a certain theme, as it will set the pace for your writing at all. Reclaim various origins of data to make assertions fair.

Fair and Accurate

Your thesis affirmation shouldn’t be extremely long and overstuffed. Don’t concentrate on trivia, it is not necessarily. The goal is to make the reader aware about what your text is going to convey. There have to be few sentences about the target of your writing and with what kind of things you argue. Obviate slang and inaccurate words, peculiar professional language while making your thesis, as a possibility of misunderstanding appears.

Pick Your Side

Your thesis has to indicate your attitude to the main essay issue. Don’t write generally; select what side of the question you maintain and why you do so. That makes your essay fair and understandable for the reader. You can’t promote both sides at the same time, and neutral thesis can disorient one.

Written Text

Make It Strong

In order to make your thesis persuading and forceful, obviate such phrases as “I think”, “In my opinion” and so on. There should be decisive points instead, a reader as a rule doesn’t believe to the authors thought which is not supported by facts. That is why language shouldn’t be abstractive and metaphorical. Remember that research essay has to lean on strong facts.


Don’t forget that one of the thesis’ tasks is showing the significance of problem reviewed in the essay. It shouldn’t be a stark fact anyway. The research work which you have done should be taken into consideration. That’s why to write things you discovered for yourself in the thesis statement, but leave details for next.


Don’t use too typical words while creating a thesis. Be diverse; don’t write such things like “Smoking is bad because it affects health”. Support your side in unusual and not banal way.

Summing up, for making a well-done research essay you have to take these hints into consideration, as fine thesis statement will make the process easier and reading the text more comprehensible and pellucid. Moreover, these pieces of advice are helpful for college students as they often get a task to write something, and not all of them are able to do it correctly. Don’t forget to revise it after finished writing. Maybe, you alter it after weighting all pros and cons of your theme.

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