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Why Should We Keep on Using Technologies in Studies? Or Shouldn’t We?

Technology is a concept that becomes broader from day to day. What is more, it conquers all spheres of our life and we do not seem to resist it anyhow. Skeptics say that technologies make us slower while others are much more inspired by such a rapid technological development. Here are the advantages and disadvantages, which technologies have brought to education.

Pros of using technologies in studies:

  • Technologies save your time.

    Technologies, progress, inventions

    Now, when you have a laptop, phone, tablet and all the other devices you can save much time. First of all, you do not need to do handwriting. Papers completion is much easier since you can type instead of writing by your hand. What is more, it looks much neater. Secondly, there are no difficulties at all of creating graphs, diagrams and other visual subjects. You can generate a plenty of them in special programs and even not be afraid to design the most complicated ones. Thirdly, you do not have to copy all the info by re-writing or making paper copies. Now you can just take a photo and even revert it into text through special readers.
  • Technologies teach you faster. When you had to read volumes of books in libraries and spend there all your days, now you can just download the necessary audiobook and enjoy listening to it while taking a walk or on your way to college. Also, a number of online translators and thesauruses are available so you do not have to look for a single word in a thousand-page dictionary. Moreover, you can get your written text proofread and edited over the special applications, which will even explain your mistakes and show the best way to fix them.
  • Technologies break the limits. In fact, we are much more eager to make new discoveries and inventions being armed with so many technological opportunities. We can just take all the experience that have been received before us and use it for our own innovations.

Cons of technologies in education:

  • They limit our imagination.


    Statistics state that human imagination used to be much richer before the technological revolution. People were reading books and were imagining their heroes in the ways as they wanted them to be. Instead of this, all the images are ready for us, we just need to click in order to get them.
  • We forget how to calculate. Our ancestors were able to compute large numbers in their minds while we have difficulties with even adding simple amounts. Due to accessibility of calculators and various applications that compute instead of us, we are unable to do it by our own.
  • We do not train our memory. We got used to having all the devices with numerous reminders with us so we can even forget when the mom’s birthday is without the phone notification. We can always make a note, take a picture or record an audio in order to retrieve it later. The previous generations did not have such opportunity, which is why they were able to store large amounts of information in their brains.


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