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Things about Students, You Might Have Not Known About

They have so much energy that it sometimes feels like they could be charging electronic devices with it. They get in so many strange situations that writers should follow them and just make notes without adding anything. They manage to do so much within such a short time that sometimes it feels like each of them has one or two twins. Of course, that it is all about students, who never stop amazing us. Take a look at some interesting facts about these unique people. You might be surprised!

Green headlights

There is a strange and funny tradition in the Yale University. Older students are always ready to share their notes with their younger colleges, but the last ones become their debtors after that. This doesn’t mean that young students are forced to pay money and are suffering from that. There is a tradition that the one who has rewritten someone’s notes has his eyes colored in green (so it looks like he has headlights around his eyes) and carries his helper on the back for couple of hours. Quite a price, but everyone knows what he is agreeing on beforehand. We just wonder: who was the one who came up with this idea of payment?

Arguing professors

Arguing with professors

It is wonderful when a student has his own idea which is different from a professor’s one, and these two argue, as it is in an argument when the truths is being born (as a wise man said). But when a young person is just being cheeky and disrespectful, he should be ready to come out as a loser from an argument situation. One of the students from Oxford demanded from his professor to serve him a glass of beer on exam, as it was one of the old traditions of University, discovered by the young man. The drink was served, but the student was fined, and not for drinking alcohol in class. His professor remembered an even older tradition – all the students must carry a sword to an exam, but a young man (obviously!) didn’t follow it.

Students are creative

They most definitely are, but sometimes they come up with amazing ideas just because of being not attentive. For example, one day a young mathematician, George Dantzig, was late for class. When he came to the lecture hall, he saw equations on the blackboard and thought that it was homework. He was working couple of days on them, a young man was upset that it takes him so long, but eventually he found a solution. It turned out that he had managed to solve two “unsolving” statistical problems, the ones many scientists of the world had been working on. Not knowing that these problems don’t have a solution set George Danzig free, let him think out of the box and, eventually, find a unique and elegant way, which has made him world-famous.

Creative students

Students are gamblers

A marketing research of a company Everest Poker has shown that the largest percentages of online poker players are students. This number varies in different countries, but usually is between 20% and 30%. There is no reason to be surprised, however, as bluff skills are quite useful nowadays and developing them while playing poker might help many students in their life.

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