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Stay Healthy in the Exam Period

Woman Sneezing

Getting a cold once a season is turning into a tradition for some people. If your examination period falls on the changing of the weather, you need to be aware on how to stay healthy and avoid getting sick. No professor likes being sneezed at, and furthermore, thinking quickly and effectively may be hard with a headache. Here is how to prevent such a horrible situation.

Dress Accordingly

Some believe that to avoid getting sick it is recommended to wear every sweater in the house before you go out. This is not true, because dressing accordingly means to mind the weather. You need to be neither too cold nor too hot. In fact, too many clothes will get you sweaty, and the cold wind will immediately freeze you, worsening the situation. Check the weather report before going out. The best way to dress is like a layered onion – this way you can take off or put on a layer according to your own weather perception.


Your immune system needs to build a wall to defend you against evil bacteria, and you need to provide the bricks. Remember, that only balanced, timely and healthy food will be strong enough building material. Your daily meals should meet the calorie requirements and also provide enough vitamins and minerals to support your intestine, which is the key to a strong immune system. Diets are strictly prohibited!


The source of all life, water can resolve many problems. However, not everyone can stomach the required daily quota of water. That is why you can substitute it for fruit and vegetable juices or even herbal decoctions. The cells of your body consist mainly of water, so lack of it can lead to the decrease of life activity, and consequently, a poor immune system. Fruit juices and other healthy drinks not only contain water, but also a myriad of vital elements to help your organism with its various processes.

Juice and Water

Clean Outside and Inside

Perhaps this tip is a bit obvious, but many tend to overlook it. Personal hygiene starts with washing your hands the second you come indoors and not postponing your shower. It is scientifically proven, that 90% of the bacteria and viruses that come into our home use our hands as a means of transportation. Bacteria can hide anywhere: in the bus, at school, on the rail, at the supermarket, and we unintentionally bring it inside. At the same time, it is important to take care of our habitation. Remember to let fresh air in, dust off the shelves and take out your trash every day. Another tip is to get down to wet mopping at least once a week.

Fresh Air

There is nothing like taking a walk outside to clear your head. Have you noticed that people who have dogs are usually healthier? They have to get out at least twice a day, and constantly get doses of fresh air and sunshine. Getting in the habit of walking or doing exercises outside can help you build a powerful immune system in the long run. Even though during the changing of the season it is better to avoid places with a higher density of people, so as not to get infected. Stay healthy!

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