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Spanking Children Pros and Cons

Parent Beating Kid

It is a common phenomenon in many families in various countries, with different religions and traditions. It is hard to say if it is good or bad for kids’ education as there are many men and many minds. Some people find it too brutal and choose more loyal punishment; others see no other way to teach their children how to behave. Here are several arguments for and against spanking kids. Let’s start with benefits.

It Is Efficient

It is hard to disagree that physical punishment really works. This is a fast and easy way to stop one doing something disgusting or dangerous. Children are usually naughty and like to do silly things, which, however, may be harmful to them or the others. Most of them can’t be stopped by mother’s words or by various taboos. It is better to be lightly spanked by parents than getting a serious injury because of careless activities.


Some families choose this kind of penalty because parents want to get respect in their kids’ minds. Of course, this method is the type of deterrence and instead of deference one can discover that his own children are afraid of their mother or father. Nevertheless, spanking may be really useful to show the youth who is considered to be an authority in the house.

Mother and Children

There are several cons of such punishment method. These are the most significant points.


It is a well-known thing that parents should have a confidential and fair relationship with their kids. Spanking makes it almost impossible, as it causes fear and makes child cagey and enclosed. More conflicts and secrets between family members appear. Young one can even try to escape from home or find a bad company to spend time with instead of being at the house. What’s more, parent spanking their kids may not even explain the reason that makes little one feel lonely and loveless. As a result, children don’t understand what is right or wrong.

It Causes Traumas

It can happen occasionally that parent is too angry, and they don’t mind how strong their hit may be for a little one. That results in injuries for kids and legal punishment for adults. Moreover, mental traumas which beaten children gain during their childhood are terrible. They have complexes for the whole life, may become violent, brutal or sullen. It is hard for such kids to contact with other people as they are afraid to get punishment for nothing as it used to be in their early age.

Kids Become Rude

The education with the physical scourge, as a rule, results in a person’s violent temper. Cruelty may become the only way one knows to deal with problems. It becomes a trouble after a little child grows up and has enough power to start beating and abusing other people. It distorts kid’s conscious and erases the line between good and bad.

All in all, parents should think well before punishing their children in a physical way. There is always a possibility to explain things in words and educate kid to be kind and polite. That is much better than making young mind full of violence and cruelty.

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