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Small Talk At A New College

People Chatting

You are lucky if you manage to get one acquaintance from your previous life with you to college, but in most cases it is not like that. Often you will not know anyone in the room. Do not be afraid, as you are not the only one, as everyone is new to each other. However, your goal is to get friendly using small talk.

Embrace Awkwardness

Even though it is bound to be awkward, do not stress out over it. If the silence stretches a little too long, do not worry. Frantically thinking of a topic is undesirable, as you will just nerve yourself up.

Your partner might be tired or just as shy as you. They will contribute if they want to, and the same goes to you. If you are worried about making a fool of yourself by spilling drinks or getting spinach stuck in your teeth, do not worry too much, since everyone is nervous and they will likely not care about you being awkward as much as you do.


The truth of conversations is that they go both ways, and you should not strain to keep the chatting alive, as probably the disinterest translates to your partner willing to end the small talk. Be polite and have genuine interest in the other person's life.

Sharing only about you during the chat is wrong, as you will never find out some details about them that you may find interesting enough to continue the small talk in the same way. At the same time, do not go overboard with questions. Some cultures consider it rude, and unmannered.

Two Cherries One Stem

Listen to The Details

If you manage to keep in mind a detail about a new friend and use it later, you will surely show that you took interest in that person and care about them enough to remember a small fact about them. They will be impressed and grateful.

For example, if you discover that Anne is vegetarian and make a special meal for her the next time you throw a party in your place, it will be thoughtful and nice of you.

Find Common Ground

People become friends on the basis of common interests. Do not be hesitant to speak out on your hobbies and opinions. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out there are people who are very compatible with you.

If you want to strike up a conversation with an attractive person at a party, share a bit about yourself and ask about them. If they are nice enough, they will also ask you about your interests and hopefully you will become good friends.

Talk With Your Body

Do not get too nervous and too absorbed into the conversation to notice how you behave. Keep it lighthearted. Be open, smile and do not cross your arms. Listen to each of the members of the group, and try to put a name to the face. Referring to someone by their name is important and builds trust.

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