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Passive Lifestyle Dangers

Threats of Sedentary Life

Sedentary life is the main threat for your health. It is a disease, spreading slowly & unnoticeably, but surely. Passive lifestyle is what kills more people than smoking nowadays.

If to sit during six and hours a day and more, this increases your chances to die while being young. Your gym visits, eating habits and lack of bad ones don’t matter here: passive lifestyle is what blows up your health. Every sitting hour (at the lectures, in the bus or metro while going home, near the computer while doing your homework) steals your energy and doesn’t allow you to feel good.

Sedentary life is what makes humans fat. Despite the fact that humans’ physical activity hasn’t changed during the last 20 years, people tend to spend more time sitting in chairs nowadays, and this is the reason of the general rise of obesity accidents. As some research on diabetes results show, sitting for too long harms human’s health as hard as smoking or staying under the sunrays for a long period of time. It is said that doctors should warn about passive lifestyle dangers as seriously as the oncologists do that about the threats of UV-rays.

“Sitting disease” harms you constantly. While you sit, your legs lose muscle activity so hard, you burn minimum of calories – just one in a minute!

After two hours of sitting, the level of useful cholesterol in your blood becomes 20% lower. Perhaps, this is a reason why office workers, who spend most of their working time at the desk, suffer from heart diseases twice more often that the others. As statistics say, even two hours of physical workout don’t compensate the harm of 22 sitting hours.

Yet somebody just has to spend few hours a day in a chair. The solution is more physical activity in your free minutes. Some simple warm-up exercises during lecture breaks, walking to a college friend instead of calling them or writing an email. Move when you can.

Even if you just stand, you get more energy than if you’d sit instead. Walking increases your activity on 150%. Going upstairs instead of using an elevator gives you 200% rise. Forget about the fact you don’t have time for a long walk, think about it as of possibility to make your organism more healthy because of additional physical load for your muscles.

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