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How to Rest Normally

Normal Rest

People often think: the more you work - the more you get. But this statement is a pure illusion. Overwork hurts both your health and performance.

It is possible to work overtime hours during few weeks, but then such schedule starts creating more problems, and not solving them.

Technologies aren’t the cure here, too. They don’t make anyone more productive, they just divide one single task into smaller parts which take all day. Gadgets don’t help us find more time for family and friends.

How to be really productive? How to find more time for yourself and your loved ones? Is it possible at all?

Yes. The tip is easy: to rest normally.

People often determine resting as the absence of activity, as “doing nothing”. But what helps us to recover really effectively is the activity itself. Going in for sports, walking or having an interesting hobby: here are ways to rest much more effectively than just to sit on a sofa before a screen of your TV-set.


Ambitious persons, who are in love with their job, often have hobbies which take away lots of their time and energy. Such activities (climbing Everest, for example) can be named as a serious rest. They don’t only restore your mental energy, but give tons of possibilities to get creative thoughts. This is one of the secrets about performance.


Sleep is essentially important for your brain to work correctly. While sleeping, brain gets rid of toxins which gathered during the day. Additionally, even during the sleepy night, brain continues finding the solution to any problem you’ve worked on during the day.


Numerous people think creation and creativeness to be something spontaneous, irrational, and the inspiration is to come rapidly as a thunderbolt. But for the most part of creative persons everything goes vice versa. They don’t start working once the inspiration feeling appears. Inspiration comes while they are at work.

To show more performance, don’t try to overstudy at the high school or to overwork at the office. That is the sure way to burn yourself out, and that’s all. Reaching success in your pro branch is possible only if you’ll rest and restore your energy. Do that systematically.

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