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Thoughts to Reality

Real Thoughts

Thoughts determine your reality. Many people simply get trapped in a corner with their habit of thinking negatively, they literally fade before eyes. Other people get better with their thoughts. It cannot be said that they are smarter, they just know how to think well for themselves.

They say, there are 60 thousand thoughts coming to a human’s mind per day. 80% of them are positive or negative, 20% are neutral. Thoughts that prevail determine your stress level.

In order to get rid of negative thinking, you need to transform templates of your thinking. You’ll have to follow these steps:

  1. Consciousness. You need to be cautious about emotions you feel and statuses you get in.
  2. Reframing. An overwhelming majority of negative thoughts have totally nothing in common with the reality. Any situation has its light sides. Finding them is reframing.
  3. Replacement. You can be depressed, but if to focus on positive thoughts, they’ll get inside your sub consciousness and you’ll get a better mood later.
  4. Persistence. This is not the sudden and easy solution. You need to put lots of efforts to learn changing bad thoughts to good ones. Hang bright stickers all over the house, this is how you can remind yourself about that on purpose.

Here are positive thoughts you can use to replace negative ones. Use them as they are, or do some changes and modifications if you need.

  • 1. Everything is Fine at The Moment

    If reality exists, it is the real moment only. Future is just a dream.

    Let’s suppose, you’ll have a tough day tomorrow or something unpleasant will happen for sure. Yet it is all good at the moment. Relax and get satisfied form the real moment.

  • 2. There Always is a Choice

    You don’t have to work on the unpleasant job, to go in for unpleasant activities or to communicate with unpleasant people just because life is that. There are pleasant jobs, pleasant things and pleasant people. And if you do everything you can (not only believe in that), your life will totally change pretty soon.

  • 3. They Appreciate Me

    Yes, this advice looks like the one from Opra’s talk-show, but you shouldn’t neglect it. Sometimes things seem to be too bad, but it is enough to think about people that worry about you and everything becomes simpler.

    In the most unpleasant moments, you can contact those people, too.

  • 4. Things Always Get Better

    Life has the ability to change. It is always full of risings and fallings, with lucks and troubles. None of the days is like the previous one, even if your days are pretty about routine.

    When fallings happen, it seems they are going to last forever. Remind yourself about things are going to rise up soon.

  • 5. Humans are Good Deep Inside

    Despite their lacks and antisocial behavior, most people are good. It is possible to find an approach to almost everyone and to get what is wanted.

    You can decide whether to concentrate on lacks or good features of humans. Remember: if you choose good things, you’ll pull good people to yourself in some magical way.

  • 6. I am Smart and Talented

    We are all born for thinking, solving troubles, create, analyze and achieve. Everyone has talents and unique skills.

    You are smart and talented enough. And you surely know people who didn’t have especial intelligence level but gained success. Focus on something you can, not on the opposite.

  • 7. I Have So Much

    Smiling Person

    It is truth: most of us doesn’t die of hunger, has roofs above their heads, relatives and certain perspectives. Thankfulness is the best way to become happy.

    Start every morning from being thankful for what you already have, and you’ll see that personally soon.

  • 8. This World is Full of Cool Possibilities

    If you think there are no possibilities around, read some books about business, creative thinking or motivation. These books will show you there are thousands of chances around with precise examples. You need to believe that you’ll make it, and possibilities happen frequently enough. Every person you meet is a certain chance. Every stranger is a potential friend.

  • 9. I’ve Got the Power to Change Circumstances

    There always are circumstances. Humans think out obstacles by themselves even if there is nothing standing between them and their goal.

    All you need is to make moves, one after another. So, once you think you’ve got trapped in a dead end, just start doing things and then you’ll see you’ve found the way out.

  • 10. Failures and Mistakes Always Teach

    Mistakes and failures are unavoidable. If so, you’ve got two possible ways to go: you can feel sorrow and pity, or you can try getting lessons form your mistakes. Every failure moves you one step closer to your goal.

  • 11. I’ve Got Advantages

    Name all your advantages (even those that seem absurd), and concentrate on them. You surely have more than a dozen of good features and qualities, so develop and improve them.

  • 12. A New Day is a New Chance

    This is banal, but this is truth: a new day is like a blank page. If you were not that good yesterday, you’ve got the chance to change everything today. Today is all that we have.

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