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"Plastic Surgery" Argumentative Essay

Doctor Making Surgery

Plastic surgery is an actual topic for today as more and more people decide to change their appearance in a medical way. Why? Externality standards are constantly changing, lots of discrimination kinds are based on this, and simple makeup can’t help one to deal with it. For the majority, plastic surgery seems to be the only possible way of solving this issue. In this article, several statements about such procedure are presented, for students these may be useful as arguments in essay or speech. Let’s start with the positive points.

Help for Diseased

Many people need plastic surgeries, not because of displeasure of their nose form or lips size. They demand urgent help as different illnesses may affect human’s skin, hair and so on. Very often, one has to disguise large scars or marks from burns. Plastic surgery helps people to renew after serious singes as well. What’s more, sometimes such procedures are essential as a patient can’t continue living with several defects.

Love Yourself

It is true that most people don’t like the image in the mirror and try to change it in all available methods. That way they come to the cosmetic surgeon and ask for help. Sometimes, it may be even inconspicuous modifications. However, if it makes a person free from complexes and shyness, let him or her feel confident, easily communicate with others and have more successful life in general.

On the other hand, there are several minuses of plastic surgery. Here are the major of them.

Danger for Health

At first, it is important to mention that the process of appearance changing may be really dangerous. One has to deal with anesthesia, which may even lead to death if a patient is weak. Secondly, there is a long-termed renewal period after operation. A person can suffer from infections, pain and several side effects of the surgery. Moreover, often such procedures are held not in the special clinics but in the house cabinets with unsanitary conditions. It is a big question if such unnecessary surgeries are worth months of suffering, the risk of getting the infection or even death.

Patient in Bandages

Unpredictable Results

We all have seen funny images in the Internet with famous stars after the failed plastic surgeries. Crazy forms, ragged seams and other disgusting things are the results of such procedures. This happens very often, both with celebrities and average people. In such case, one has to suffer from another operation to correct previous doctor’s mistakes or live with ugly appearance.


It is well-known that changing appearance is a very costly procedure. Many people economize money for such surgeries; they don’t afford to purchase many necessary things in order to overcome personal complexes.

To sum up, plastic surgery is really helpful for people who suffer from diseases, which affected their appearance or for victims of fire, misadventures, crashes and so on. For others, who are displeased of some personal features, it is too dangerous practice. Moreover, everyone should remember that the period of renewal is not several days long. Bruises and extravasations may stay for weeks, and there is no guarantee that one will get the desired appearance.

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