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Persuasive Essay on Drinking Age

Students Party

It is a highly discussed topic in the modern world, some countries have 18 years minimal age for buying alcohol and others claim it has to be 21. It is hard to say which is better for each person separately and for the society in general. In this essay, the question of drinking age and for and against points of allowing to buy alcohol at an early age are presented. These statements may be useful in creating a speech or article on this theme and proving one’s opinion.

6 Activities for Leisure Time for Pupils


It is well-known fact that leisure time is a significant part of our life, especially for kids. Leisure time signifies the time which you can spend regarding your preferences. Someone prefers reading books to writing essays and someone plays computer games with pleasure.

Personal Development Essay

Person Talking

If one wants to be successful, he or she has to work persistently on self-improvement. It gives many benefits both at work and in private life. If you make no progress in your life, it doesn`t bring any pleasure and transforms you into the couch potato. Personal development needs special techniques and methods, which are noticed in this article. These tips aren`t difficult and have many advantages.

Useless Methods

List of Wishes

You have tried all of the items from the list "How to act," and there is no result? Stop applying useless methods and find a different approach! Here you can find some methods and their opposite ways.

Persuasive Essay on Organ Donation


Nowadays, many people need organs to be transplanted because of various illnesses. Most of them cannot get it from their relatives and die while waiting for such kind of donation. It is absurd as after man died his organs may be immediately put in another body. However, in most countries, it is considered to be illegal. Here are several points why organ donation after death without permission should be applied and counterarguments to make it banned. These may be useful for creating a speech or report on this theme.

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