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5 Reasons to Make New Friends

How to Make Friends

Old friends are something similar to our favorite trousers. They are reliable and modest. They are always nearby, but remain unobtrusive. Sometimes you can see some little patches on them, but they’re still ideal! You know them for so long it seems they’ve always been with you.

How to Study Good Enough

Award Winner

Sooner or later every serious student asks himself a question: how to study good and not to get bored by routine? There are multiple ways to reach these goals, and the article below is to give some helpful tips on them. Read, think, and decide.

Essay on Journalism Writing


Journalism seems to be not a vast notion. Yet this profession, which can be one’s calling, is not as simple as it seems to be. If talking about how to write an essay on journalism, there are numerous subtopics with their own definitions, descriptions and niceties. The short article below shows how many different ways there are to write about in the journalism essay.

Writing a Persuasive Essay on Sports: Thesis Ideas

Essay on Sports Ideas

Sports is quite a controversial topic to talk about. Despite the popularity of baseball, football, volleyball, and different workout techniques, there are lots of people standing against what they call “sports propaganda”. If you’ve got to write an essay connected with sports, see some ideas and advices in the text below.

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