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Persuasive Essay on Organ Donation


Nowadays, many people need organs to be transplanted because of various illnesses. Most of them cannot get it from their relatives and die while waiting for such kind of donation. It is absurd as after man died his organs may be immediately put in another body. However, in most countries, it is considered to be illegal. Here are several points why organ donation after death without permission should be applied and counterarguments to make it banned. These may be useful for creating a speech or report on this theme.

Save Life

After one dies, they don’t need their heart or lungs anymore, it may sound cruel or intolerable, but it is true. There are lots of people of different age, gender, and nationality who demand organ transplanting. It is almost impossible to get it while staying in the queue for years, consequently, a large number of young men and children dies. Making organ donations can save them from suffering and give a second chance. It will give the mankind specialists in different fields, talented artists, scientists, and inventors.

Surgery Process

Medicine Development

As the amount of transplantation surgeries increases, doctors will have more practice and training. Their skills will become more professional and the procedure will be faster and with fewer backwashes. As a result, that kind of therapy may start to be common and easy in many countries. In addition, medicine, in general, will develop in an efficient way.

On the other side, there can be some negative point abouts organ donation as well.

Religious Thoughts

For many confessions, it is inacceptable to carve organs from dead people. It is considered to be an act of outrage upon human body, and many people find it a sin. For Christians, for example, it is significant to inhume corpses quickly after death and pray for them in the church. It can be a great interference for religious people to make an organ donation.

Immoral Act

For many people, it seems to be inhuman and awful to imagine theirs or their relatives’ bodies operated for organs after death. They imagine as it will be cut into pieces and there will be nothing to inhume ever. However, it is quite false as there are not so many organs which can be transplanted, and surgeries are as a rule done by great professionals.

Organs Thieving

A lot of citizens believe that death certificates may be signed while they are still alive in order to steal their organs. That fear makes them perform against transplantation procedures at all. Others believe that hospital stuff and doctors will not try to save somebody’s life if one has a serious injury with an eye to get organs for transplanting. In most events, it depends on surgeon’s honesty and conscience.

All in all, there is a great number of for and against arguments, so it is the challenge for every person to choose what is right. However, it is hard to argue that many people’s lives can be saved thanks to organs donation. These statements are great to prove your opinion in a discussion or argument building in the essay.

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