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How to Improve Your Memory Fast

Having a good memory is not only vital while you are studying, but it can also be a good helper in everyday life. Chasing after performing multiple tasks we find ourselves with a head stuffed with facts, things to do, dates and names combined in a messy way, as we are incapable of remembering them precisely without missing out a detail. This is the moment when you ask: “How do I improve my memory?” And here are the answers!

Exercise 1.

It may seem hard to believe, but it is a fact, that if you change the hand you use for doing something, it will have a positive influence on your memory. The activity can be anything you can think of, like brushing your hair or teeth, adding sugar to your tea or even writing. How does it work? When you are switching the hand, you make the other part of your brain work instead of the one that is usually responsible for the routine.

Exercise 2.

Good memory is a result of the ability to concentrate. Take a newspaper and a pencil, and circle all the letters of your choice. You can look for double “nn” or every “g” in the text. Try to do it as fast as you can, and do not let yourself rest until you are done with one article. After you are finished, read the article slower and check if you have any letters left. You only need to try it a couple of times to realize, that your ability to concentrate is getting better.

Ability to concentrate

Exercise 3.

This is an exercise that works like a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes in order to improve the ability to memorize things you need to forget about them. Lie down, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Slowly count to ten. If you have noticed thinking about anything except for your breathing, start counting anew. Try it and you will see, that studying after such a break is effective and easier.

Relax breathing

Additional tips:

  • Try taking a different route on your way home or when you are going to work. This change will raise the level of concentration, and therefore the memory.
  • You can make writing with a different hand harder. Try writing down the text with both hands. This is a good exercise before any kind of brainwork activity.
  • Play a detective. Ask yourself about anything you were doing, eating or wearing on some particular time. Try to remember the route of your walk in details. Your short-term memory will improve significantly.
  • If you are afraid to forget something, and it is not urgent, write everything down into a special notebook. This will help you to free your short-term memory and will ease your stress over forgetting something. The only thing you should do is check this notebook every evening, so you don’t forget to do anything the next day.

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