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Advice on Loving Yourself

Love and Care

For the starting word: try to complete all the steps offered below. Every single action will help you get closer to your goal: to form a positive self-perception. 15 tips described in the article below could be an aid in planning of your efforts.

Start to Love Yourself

  1. Admit yourself on your strong and weak character features, and form your goals according to what you’ve got.
  2. Decide, what are your values, what you believe in, how should your life pass. Analyze your plans, estimate them from the today’s point of view. That’s how you’ll be able to use your chances when progress will appear.
  3. Dig deep. Analyze your past, figure out what exactly brought you to your today’s life status. Try to understand and forgive those who made you suffer. Try not to blame those who could help but didn’t want to do that. Forgive yourself for your own mistakes, illusions and sins. After getting useful experience out of unpleasant memories, bury them six feet below, and never come back to them again. Bad past lives inside your mind only until you tell them “Get out!”. Free more space for your memories about previous success, even if there was only a few of them.
  4. Guilt and shame won’t help you reach success. Don’t allow these feelings to capture your mind.
  5. Find the reasons of your behavior in physical, social, economic and political aspects of today’s situation, and not in the disadvantages of your own personality.
  6. Don’t forget: every event can be estimated differently. Reality is not what every human sees. It’s nothing more than a result of agreements between people about how to name things. This point of view actually helps you to remain more tolerant to different people, and to endure something that looks like humiliation more generously.
  7. Never name yourself in bad words; especially don’t think about yourself negatively: “silly”, “ugly”, “untalented”, “unlucky”, “hopeless”, etc.
  8. Your actions can be estimated anyhow. When the criticism is healthy, it’s fine: make conclusions and use them to become better. But you should never allow the others to criticize your personality.
  9. Remember that another defeat can turn into a luck, a sign of the fact you’ve been going to the fake goals, which were not worth it. As a result, this defeat allowed you not to get into more complicated and serious troubles.
  10. Don’t bear with people, activities and circumstances which make you feel yourself inadequately. If you can’t change yourself or them to feel sure, it’s better to simply turn away from them. Life is too short for wasting it on despondency.
  11. Allow yourself to relax, listen to your own thoughts, do something you really like, while being alone. That is how you might understand yourself better.
  12. Practice in communicating with others. Enjoy feeling the energy people give one another. Every person is different, but them all are your brothers and sisters. Try to understand that they can feel fear and uncertainty, and make some efforts to help them. Decide what you would like to get from them, and what you could give in a return. Then, let people understand you’re ready for such kind of exchange.
  13. Stop guarding your “self” too heavily. It is a lot more durable and pliable than you think. It bends, but can’t be broken. It is better for it to experience a short emotional strike, than to stay inactive and isolated.
  14. Choose some serious long-term goals for yourself, which require smaller goals to be completed while achieving the “big” ones. Estimate what’s needed for achieving the smaller goals carefully. Pay attention to every success you gain on the way, don’t forget to encourage and compliment yourself. Don’t be afraid to look like a narcissus: nobody can hear you.
  15. You are not the passive object which suffers from troubles falling onto it. You’re not the grass stem which fearfully waits for someone to step onto it. You are the top of evolutional process, you are the embodied hopes of your parents, you are the God’s creature. You are the unique personality, the active creator of your own life, you are the lord of events. If you’re sure in yourself, any obstacle becomes your challenge, and challenge leads to achievements. Here even your shyness falls back, because you stop worrying about how to live, and start living.

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