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Essay on Journalism Writing


Journalism seems to be not a vast notion. Yet this profession, which can be one’s calling, is not as simple as it seems to be. If talking about how to write an essay on journalism, there are numerous subtopics with their own definitions, descriptions and niceties. The short article below shows how many different ways there are to write about in the journalism essay.

Journalism Retrospective Essay

There is a great opportunity to describe how the journalism and the first journalists appeared. This profession began to be formed in Greek Polices. Than it came to the Ancient Rome, where Caesars, and then Emperors, needed an instrument to bring their newly declared rules and laws to the citizens of the huge Roman state.

Then the craft of journalists had a long-long evolution throughout history, changing its shape with the technological development of humans. First massively print papers, then radio, television and finally Internet possibilities always changed the art of finding and bringing the information to the society. Is this not a great topic for an expository journalism essay?

Types of Journalism Essay

Huge field of subtopics once again. Depending on how to divide the definition of journalism, one can write about absolutely separate, special and outstanding notions.

Paper Journalism

Printed paper is the oldest form massive journalism ever had. When talking about this subtopic, except its general description one can mention different types of written material. What is the difference between informational and publicity articles? What do we call a pamphlet? A feuilleton? An interview? Even an essay is one of types journalists use. Every article type has its own features, which can be described in an interesting and original way.

Radio Journalism

When radio technology entered humans’ everyday life, massive communication techniques reached their turning point. Radio influence was the real revolution in journalism, as it gave the opportunity to bring information to an average person almost instantly. Using sound channels for communication changed one’s perception. This made journalism target audience become wider, as one didn’t need to have reading skills to hear news anymore.

Radio journalism introduction and the will of professionals to use it effectively had also brought new communication techniques to appear. Every single aspect of revolutions caused by radio in this field is a perfect essay topic.

TV Journalism


Same as radio influenced paper journalism, TV replaced radio in dominating communicational technology place. The ability to add visual material to a sound recording is the absolute instrument to make the mission of every journalist as effective as it could ever be.

And then again: TV journalism is of different types. Reportages, documentary films, live reality shows, news programs, and so on. Every single shape of journalistic TV translation has its special features to be used. That means all of them can serve as topics for journalism essay writing.

Moral Aspects of Journalism

What actually is the famous “journalist mission”? Is journalism to inform or to persuade? What to do with modern manipulative techniques and tricks widely used in this field? Is every journalist to be a truthful servant of society, or a common worker who gets paid for giving up things his boss needs?

As you see, there are numerous things to describe, questions to answer and topics to discuss if to talk about journalism essay. What you want to choose for your text is… your call.

Essay on Journalism Assistance

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