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Interval Training

The rhythm of the modern life is high, and students have quire a lot of things to do. Nevertheless, it is important to keep fit and healthy, so you should devote some time to trainings for your body. Interval training is the best suitable type of trainings for the students overloaded with academic assignments. Exams are not a reason to forget about your physical shape.

Take Care of Your Body

What Is an Interval Training?

Interval training is actually a short-time training, which includes a few phases: warm-up, super-intensive, relax and recovery.

A Practical Example of an Interval Training

If it is hard for you to understand, what interval training means, here is a description of a good interval training with examples and phases.

  • Firstly, you should warm-up your muscles, stretch them, breath deeply.
  • Then an actual interval starts: you should run for 10 minutes with a low speed and, after 10 minutes pass you should accelerate for 10 seconds running as fast as you can.
  • After this you should proceed with running slowly for 2-3 minutes to give your body a possibility to recover.
  • Then you make a dart again. This interval should be performed 3-4 times.
  • Finally, you should run slowly for 4-5 minutes to recover the heartbeat.

The Advantages of Interval Training

An interval training is worth being advised, as it has a lot of advantages and helps you to enjoy a lot of benefits.

  1. Fat Loss

    A person loses a part of his fat deposit within 24 hours from the interval training.

  2. Take Care about Hormones

    An interval training stimulates the emission of the hormone of growth. Thus, your organism emits 5 times more hormones than it does normally.

  3. Universal Appliance

    The principles of interval training are applicable for all kinds of sport: running, athletics, swimming, gym workouts etc.

    Different Kinds of Sport
  4. Not an Everyday Task

    Intervals should not be performed every day, as your heart needs some rest. Depending on the level of your physical development, you should do interval training 3-4 times per week.

  5. A Positive Effect

    All in all, an interval training will improve your endurance, heart productivity, make your metabolism faster and make you lose weight.

  6. Prepare Yourself

    Interval trainings is the fastest and the most effective way to get prepared to any kind of sport competitions. They teach your organism to be ready to unexpectedly high performance.

  7. A Brief Note

    If you feel, that you are ready to the harder trainings, do the following: reduce the phase of relax, making a super-intensive longer, and add the number of intervals within one training

Why You Should Start Interval Trainings?

What is the use of doing regular interval trainings?

  1. Sport Is Popular

    Working outs are extremely popular among the modern youth. Thus, working out will make your body look better and you will become more popular and respected among your friends.

  2. Sport Contributes to Your Moral Development

    Regular physical activities help to get rid of depressions and make your being always in a good mood. Furthermore, your mental productivity grows and you become more responsible while managing your tasks. Adding a new point to your time-table helps you to manage your time more effectively and accurately, so you can do everything that you have planned without any losses. Just try to start training and you will feel the result very soon!

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