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A Student`s Internship and Reasons of Its Importance

A lot of students graduate and have a common problem - they can't get a job because of the lack of experience. That is why the question of internship necessity becomes more and more discussed. If you have at least a small desire and a possibility, you should surely consider becoming an intern as this experience may bring you a lot of advantages in future. Check some basic reasons why you should try:

A Test Drive

The main advantage is an ability to check and decide whether the chosen profession is really your cup of tea. You may enjoy your university classes and lectures, you may take part in different discussions, you may be 100% confident in your knowledge and get excellent marks, but you will never be absolutely sure unless you do this job every day on a permanent basis and see all its pros and cons. Let's say Peter’s major is marketing, he completes an internship in this sphere and understands that he doesn't like it at all. But, at the same time, he does an internship in a sphere of public relations and finds it a perfect match for him. It is surely better for him to find it out before he graduates and is stuck in a sphere he truly hates. So you may combine a couple of internship programs and finally find your calling in life.

A Learning Experience

An intern status gives you a priceless right to learn and gain experience through the mistakes. Besides, an internship provides you with a fantastic possibility to become more initiative, flexible, and responsible.


Doing a great job and creating a great impression can provide you with a great reference letter, or even a job offer. Even if you are not offered a place at this organization, a good recommendation letter will be a valuable advantage for your future employment. So, don't waste your chances!

A Real Understanding

Being an intern will help you to see the gaps between your university or college learning and what you still need to study. Often, some employers may even give you guidance and suggestions on how to fill those gaps. It could be some additional courses or seminars.

Chances to Network

It's your time to shine; it's the best way to show yourself. You should get to know your coworkers, everyone of them. Ask for advice, participate in discussions, and talk about the opportunities. Build the friendship connections and don't forget to keep them active.

Useful Habits

An Internship is nothing like your college or university life where you could skip a couple of lectures or maintain your schedule not to have morning classes at all. You will have to work strict hours if you want to succeed. Being an intern will help you to achieve work habits you will surely need after the graduation.

The list can go on and on, there is a ton of different obstacles that may keep students from doing the internship despite their desire. It could be a current job that helps you paying the bills, family obligations, or a lack of financial support. But, if you still find a possibility to do at least one internship, you will never regret about it. So, talk to the career advisor at your university about the chances. If there is a financial need, try to look for organizations offering paid internship programs. It may be harder to get there, but chances get higher when there is a strong will!

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