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Tips on Impromptu Speaking: Can We Develop This Ability?

Students' Active Talk

There are many situations when the peaceful or business conversation begins to develop with another scenario. At this moment, each of us wants to cleverly bring the situation back under control. Perhaps, you have forgotten your speech and it would be great to skillfully improvise, but it is not so simple: your mind is focused on an awkward situation and you just fall into a stupor.

The ability to improvise in a conversation, to find common interests, the ability to support any subject in the talk is quite possible to learn. The erudition, courage and the experience of public speaking may also help you.

So, how to learn to improvise and what exercises are for its development?

With a Book

Highlighted Words

For the first exercise you need any book or magazine. Put forth 3 numbers: the first numeric is the number of the page, the second numeric is the number of the string and the third is the word in the line. The selected word becomes the subject of your performance. Your task is to develop the theme with improvisation, mention all the facts about this topic for 2 minutes minimum. Your story should be interesting and without pauses.

With a Listener

You need a listener. Your task is the same: develop a random topic, but, unlike the first exercise, you have to change your theme after the listener's signal. The signal can be every gesture, word, whistle, etc. The new topic has to begin from the last word after the signal. In other words, your new theme is the last word. The story is supposed to be interesting, and transitions to new topics should be smooth and unnoticeable. The signal should be given every 20-30 seconds.

Just More Creativity!

Now, you need more than one subject, at least three of them. The main condition is that topics should be related to each other. Your task is to declaim the speech, with a smooth transition from one topic to other. You can disclose topics alternately or select a consistent theme that unites them.

The complicated version of this exercise is to "write" the script for the film. Your friends may help you: they have to write one phrase each on pieces of paper, but without consultation. It is important: one person writes one phrase; each writes the answer to one question (questions are different), nobody knows what the others have written.

Questions should be like these:

  • Who is the main character?
  • The key event that changed the life of the hero.
  • Who or what prevented them?
  • Who helped them?
  • What does the hero do in the final?

Then, you have to get sheets with answer, and you, examining key moments of the script, should try to link them to get a solid and interesting story.

So, you have a plenty of space for your own imagination! More fanciness is only better for you. Just try!

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