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Healthy Diet: Tips and Useful Advice


You are what you eat. Hippocrates said that more than two thousand years ago, and yet, it remains an up-to-date aphorism. The eating habits of many students can be characterized as chaotic – we consume tons of fast-food per year, usually on the run, or – what’s even worse – overnight, gaining problems with health and overweight as corresponding results.

So, due to a desire to live long and prosper, a healthy lifestyle is becoming a new tendency these days, involving more and more people all over the world.

What Is a Healthy Lifestyle?

Besides a wholesome diet, a healthy lifestyle includes also a regular workout at least three days a week, a proper sleeping time and giving up such bad habits as smoking and drinking. Nevertheless, the beginners are recommended to start with something small (for example, excluding one kind of junk food from one’s menu), and move further step by step. This way of switching to a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of the diet disruption or any kind of stress for a student.

What to Eat?

Healthy food should become your basis diet. Start from cutting down the consumption of fast-food. Eat apples and nuts instead of crisps and chocolate bars, getting a nutritious snack instead of unhealthy one; replace fizzy drinks with fruit juice and clear water on an exam day – and it will refresh you without increasing the amount of insulin in your blood. While choosing what to eat for a main meal, stick to a rule that says: according to the optimal scheme of proportional distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, a daily diet should consist of 25-35% proteins, 25-25% fats and 30-50% carbohydrates.

Where to Find?

Fruits and Vegetables

Low fat meat such as veal, lamb, and chicken, eggs and cottage cheese are rich in protein; sea fish (haddock, mackerel and tuna, for instance), olive and sunflower oil, nuts, and avocados contain mono- and polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. Try to give preference to complex carbohydrates, which you will find in legumes and whole grain breads and cereals. A healthy diet should also include dairy products, such as milk, yoghurt, and cheese, as they are considered to be a source of calcium and magnesium. Add fresh fruit and vegetables to your menu to supplement it with cellular tissue and vitamins – and enjoy your meal!

How to Cook?

It is recommended to braise or roast meat and fish in order to preserve all the benefits of these products. A bowl of boiled cereals will provide you with the energy for the first half of the day unless you flavor it with a piece of butter. Vegetables remain nutritious after steaming and stewing; row fruit, on the other hand, taste just fine as they are.

Avoid frying at all costs – this way of cooking turn healthy oils into saturated fats, which can harm your health in even small amounts.

What Not to Eat?

Junk Food

Junk food should be the first number on your not-to-eat list. Not only does it contain abovementioned saturated, or trans fats, which raise your bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and lower your good (HDL) cholesterol levels, it is also rich in simple carbohydrates, or sugar, which increases the risk of developing diabetes or heart disease. If you don’t want to gain extra weight, it is strongly advised to cut down on so-called “fast carbohydrates”, which you can find in wheat bread, sweet bakery and quick-cooking cereals. They will give you short-lasting feeling of satiety and are easily transformed into body fat.

Sticking to a healthy diet will improve your health and body shape, increase your brain capacity and extend your life. Moreover, it will bring you a sense of ease instead of the feeling of heaviness and a good mood into the bargain.

Eat healthy and be healthy!

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