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Essay to Get A: Choice of a Topic

Writing of an essay is a hard creative process that involves a serious intellectual struggle. However, the most difficult part of this activity is to begin this action. The worst about the beginning is the agony of choosing a topic of the essay you are going to write. It is natural that you want the thing you write to be useful for you as well as for other people. Moreover, nobody wants to waste their time on doing the stuff they don’t like. Even if you hate writing essays, you can get pleasure of this process. The key is the topic. In this article you will find a few recommendations about how to choose an appropriate topic that will definitely make your essay easy and fun to write and at the same time interesting to read.

  • Find your cup of tea

    It is well known that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well. So if you are to write an essay, you should do it as good as possible. You work would be much easier if you’re interested in the things you’re writing about. Every person has their own subjects of passion. I mean those things that you’re doing enthusiastically and with great relish. Call to you mind and think about the stuff you take pleasure in. If the topic of your essay is connected with your object of adoration the process of writing will bring you a great delight. Thus, write about the thing you like and then you will like what you do.

    Cup of Tea

  • Make it buzzyworthy

    It may well happen that some of your avocations are really specific and incomprehensible to other people. For example, you can be a perfect bug-hunter, but it is better not to take this activity as a theme of your future essay. The truth is that very little amount of people has the same enthusiasm about bugs as you do. And for the majority this topic is of no concern. You are writing to be read. Do care of your readers: the people that form your target audience. So, it is necessary to take into consideration interests of others to make a human-interest story. Even if the only reader of yours is your teacher, don’t make him feel bored. Though it doesn’t mean that you have to forget what was said in the first paragraph of this article.

  • Be up-up-to-the-minute

    Every day something outstanding happens. Being in touch with the situation is a feature that makes a person more intelligent and interesting character in the public perception. The more you know about the world that is surrounding you the more you are able to tell. Thanks to Google you can get to know about brand-new activities or the most fascinating events in a matter of seconds. So don’t be lazy! Search the web in order to find amusing stuff, learn some exciting facts about it and then just write your opinion. It makes writing an essay useful for you, because you have a possibility to find out something new and learn to form and express your point of view. A constant acquiring of knowledge is a key to a successful life. Don’t be afraid of taking a topic which is up-to-date. It is exciting, useful, and really fun.


  • Never injure the feelings of others

    There may be some themes that from your point of view are really fascinating, up-to-date and buzzyworthy. However, at the same time they could be offensive for some other personalities. Usually these topics are connected with religion, politics, sex and some other spheres of the life of human beings. The point is that opinions differ. As a famous proverb says: “So many men, so many minds”. So there are things that are better to be left aside and not to be mentioned in your future essay. Otherwise you can hurt somebody’s feelings and provoke a conflict that you don’t actually need. Moreover, if you are still studying and are to write an essay as a part of your home assignment and your opinion about a matter of argument doesn’t coincide with your teacher’s one, it is pretty possible that you will get underscored.

We really hope these recommendations will help you to choose a topic for an essay. Good luck!

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