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Is Diary Useful? Pt. 1

One of the greatest and the simplest instruments for self-control is providing the diary. As it is really simple, many people don’t pay attention to it, and don’t realize possibilities covered in it as well.

There are no special rules or laws about how to provide one’s diary. But there are recommendations you can consider.

Diary Recommendations

Person with Diary

The first one: be as frank as you can. If you don’t speak clearly even with your diary, then it is not different from dialogues with other people. Write about anything coming to your mind, don’t be shy of strange thoughts.

The second one: complete detailing. The difference between your thoughts in your head and in your diary, is that those in a diary can be developed. Thoughts that are left in your head are just repeated from time to time and useless. If you think on something, write your thoughts down and try to expand your thoughts and look at the idea from different points of view.

The third one: write every day. It is not easy, but the diary becomes maximally helpful when to use it on a daily basis. If you’ve got much time, devote an hour to writing. If there is no that much time, then ten minutes will be enough.

The fourth one: Write both consciously and unconsciously. Precise and careful analytics is cool. Automatic writing, when you write down everything that appears in your head, will be useful, too. Different parts of your brain will get activated, you’ll train brains like that.

There are lots of reasons for writing a diary, but we’ve chosen five the most important ones. They should be enough for not only understanding who you were and who you are now, but to help you get better as well.


Psychology and Diary

As it was already mentioned above, the diary can become your personal psychologist. It is always nearby and doesn’t require any additional exes.

Due to different reasons, humans don’t often think about their internal word. Speedy city life cuts them apart of the real world. Constant distracting factors don’t let them to concentrate on spiritual development. They constantly feel the lack of time, too.

At any case, self-analysis is a perfect way to know oneself, their motives, values and goals. It is diary what helps in this. It allows to think about your real feelings and emotions, to find out the reason of this or that reaction and to suddenly find out that real reasons are different from those that we thought about before.

Letting thoughts go out helps to improve one’s psychological climate. You’ll understand yourself better and to order your thoughts in a couple minutes.

In the next article, we’re going to talk about other benefits of providing one’s diary: positivity, creativeness, writing and intelligence.

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