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8 Tips on Dealing with Stress

Stressed Person

People are to feel moderate stress to concentrate on a task and to complete it. But if this stress goes on for too long, one can get heart troubles, depression, and cognitive malfunctions.

Researches provided by TalentSmart company proved 90% of employees with the best working results know how to deal with tension and how to control emotions. Eight rules of stress control help these people to perform well.

  1. 1. Appreciate & Value What You Have

    If you’ll stop working for a while and compose a list of all that is valuable for you, you are most likely to feel yourself calm. Feeling of thankfulness lowers the level of cortisol (one of stress hormones) on 23%. Additionally, one research of California University proved people who feel thankful every day get a better mood and physical state.
  2. 2. Don’t Ask “What if…”

    The more you concentrate on possible variants for the situation to develop – the less time you devote to real actions. Successful people don’t ask themselves “What, if…”. They know the answer not to bring them any satisfaction or calmness.
  3. 3. Stay Positive

    Positive thoughts distract the mind form stress. In order to get calm, it is required to think about something pleasant. It’s an easy deal if your mood is already good. But if you are already in despair, it seems impossible to find something positive. In that case, think and find at least one positive event of the past day. Remember, something good occurs even on bad days.
  4. 4. Go Offline

    Modern technologies supply people with communication 24 hours a day, making us all available for round-the-clock job. If you don’t separate your life and work, then it is you who provokes constant stress for yourself. To stop thinking about job, try going offline. Start from short periods on weekend mornings, when there is less probability for your colleagues to contact you about job. You’ll wonder how much lower will be your stress level, if to learn switching the “job mode” off.
  5. 5. Drink Less Coffee

    Because of constant use of caffeine, one gets their pulse more frequent, feeling of worry appears, energy level rises suddenly. That is how our survival mechanism works allowing us to react onto a certain threat fast. If there is no bear running after you, your organism doesn’t need this stimulation because of stress and anxiety feelings appearing with it.
  6. 6. Sleep

    Sleep With No Stress
    When you are asleep, your brain gets its reboot and processes the memories of a past day. As a result, you aware with your mind being clear. Lack of sleep increases cortisol level. Add job stress here, and you will get emotional exhaustion. If you want to work fine, sleep well.
  7. 7. Don’t Waste Time for Regrets

    Everyone of us does this sometimes, though it can't give us anything useful and has nothing in common with an adequate analysis. The more you think about something negative – the more energy it takes out from you. The best way to stop this irritating process is to switch to something else.
  8. 8. Ask for Support

    Doing everything by oneself is not effective at all. In order to work calmly and productively, you have to accept your weaknesses, and to ask for help once you need it. This method will not only allow you to complete tasks in a more effective way, but will make your job easier as well.

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