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Effects of Instagram On Mental Health: Presentation

Instagram misuse

The advent of the internet and technology came with various things that have changed the way people live and behave. One of the major introductions is the social media which refers to the channels of connecting with others. They include avenues of sharing videos, pictures, and texts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others. Despite the positive influences, social media has had a fair share of negative consequences on the user. This paper narrows down to the effects of Instagram on mental health.

Thoughts to Reality

Real Thoughts

Thoughts determine your reality. Many people simply get trapped in a corner with their habit of thinking negatively, they literally fade before eyes. Other people get better with their thoughts. It cannot be said that they are smarter, they just know how to think well for themselves.

News Diet

TV news

Things you do for a long time become parts of your unconsciousness and turn into habits. News is not an exception. On one side, watching news programs makes you aware: you receive information and orient well in modern world. On the other side: you’ll know about anything important anyway.

Personal Development Plan

Benjamin Franklin Development

Benjamin Franklin had his development plan for the whole life and constantly kept to it. Of course, not every great human had the same plan composed and written down on a paper, but numerous successful people clearly understood who they want to be and what they wish to achieve.

Useful Personal Skills

Reading Person

Here below is the list of skills which are extremely useful, for a person who wants to develop every aspect of their life. Maybe, you will not be able to get them all because of the limited time available, so concentrate on some of them.

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