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To Buy an Essay or to Download It: For and Against

Essay Writing Service

All students can be divided into three groups: those, who work by the sweat of their brow, those who copy homeworks of others and those, who do nothing, but in the end bring well-done papers.

Let’s be honest – nowadays nobody writes all these works without any help. Even the most diligent students just combine parts from different papers to create their own essay. Anyway, this “simple” process takes a lot of time and efforts.

Potential Problems

It seems simple – there is a lot of free material on the internet, about any topic. You may just copy and paste, or download papers without even reading. The other side of the coin is, however, that the most part of teachers need just look through your essay to expose you, especially if you don't read and check your text.

The result is deplorable – you fail because of your laziness. Surely, students deserve to have a personal life or just don’t have enough time to prepare them properly. Some teachers understand this and allow their students to use ready essays. Sometimes when the group is too big, the teacher may check works not attentively and in this case, you may be calm. Nevertheless, most of the works are still checked with software, so you copy at your own risk.

Varieties of the Material

So, if you decide not to write this paper from the scratch you have two variants – download the readymade text or buy it. The first way needs diligence – to pass this essay successfully, you have to remake it, and it takes time. Another variant is simpler and has certain benefits.

First of all, these works will be unique. Your teacher can’t just say that he has checked the same text a few minutes ago. Another disadvantage of free papers – they are quite old. All the data, literature, and structure, may become out of date. Also, every university has its own standards and samples.

Another important point is that free material is not complete enough. You may find essays and reports and much rarer degree works or dissertations. In this case, buying work is the best solution.

Careful Choice

However, you should not forget that there are many swindlers. You should be careful when you choose where to order the work. If the price is too low, you most likely send advance payment and don’t get your essay, report or any other papers. Even if you’re lucky, the quality of this work may be low, or it can be a simple rewrite.

It’s worth to prick up your ears if the company offers you to complete your order in a very short time, and wherein the price may be raised in a few times. Think for yourself – it’s not possible to complete a quality work having 3 pages within half an hour.

If you have managed to find an appropriate website or company, read comments and references. To be completely sure that it’s reliable you still need a few tips. First of all, when you order the work, try to clearly formulate task and give the company enough time to do it. Prices can be various: pricing depends on the company itself (amount of workers, advertising costs), qualification of author, type of work, requirements, difficulties, topic and once again – from terms.

Internet Fraud

Necessity to Buy

It’s necessary to search information on the internet. It’s possible to use a free material in your papers. In any case, you must admit that free materials require a lot of work and efforts. You may choose any variant: your own work, free work from the internet or bought work. It depends on the amount of your free time, money, strictness of the teacher and so on. Anyway, if you feel that you need extra urgent help – it’s better for you to buy your report or essay. At least, you can get qualified materials, look through the content in details and pass it successfully.

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