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Advice List for Runners

Beginner Runners Advice

Most part of beginning runners start their exercises without caring about any small details. Unfortunately, lots of them meet injuries and loss of motivation a bit later, and this leads them to a gradual refuse from trainings. Unlucky beginners come back to sitting near the computer or TV instead of improving their health and shape. If you plan to start running (or you started doing this not so long ago), here are 10 simple and helpful advices for beginning runners.

Is it Worth to Study Abroad?

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a controversial topic among the students and graduates. Some of them are exited with getting the opportunity to move to another country. Others can be afraid of it, or can doubt the effectiveness of these studies.

AI Essay Sample

Artificial Intelligence Essay

The artificial intelligence (AI) topic has a great attention devoted to it nowadays. There are futurologists, politics, writers and businessmen, editors of scientific magazines and regular citizens talking about it. This article, based on media and internet information, was written by the authors of our essay writing service to discover the main patterns of this topic. So, what is AI for the human civilization: good or evil?

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