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Tips on Impromptu Speaking: Can We Develop This Ability?

Students' Active Talk

There are many situations when the peaceful or business conversation begins to develop with another scenario. At this moment, each of us wants to cleverly bring the situation back under control. Perhaps, you have forgotten your speech and it would be great to skillfully improvise, but it is not so simple: your mind is focused on an awkward situation and you just fall into a stupor.

Small Talk At A New College

People Chatting

You are lucky if you manage to get one acquaintance from your previous life with you to college, but in most cases it is not like that. Often you will not know anyone in the room. Do not be afraid, as you are not the only one, as everyone is new to each other. However, your goal is to get friendly using small talk.

Students Dating Online Pros and Cons

Dating Online

Students are getting more and more involved in online relations with each year. Such situation is caused by the lack of time they have every day for a face-to-face communication and bonding. Endless number of home assignments, seminars, and some students have part-time jobs, too. Therefore, there is no much time for starting a relationship in reality.

Creative Crisis Tips

Pile of Garbage

A creative crisis is the feeling when the author can’t write a single line no matter how strong is their will. There’s nothing new and original appearing in their mind, ideas just fly away. This is not a global crisis, but a periodic condition which comes to every author from time to time.

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