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AI Essay Sample - p.2

Artificial Intelligence Text Writing

The previous article on AI topic told about the general title description and some arguments. Now we would like to expand it.

So, other ways to possibly use AI in modern world are:

Visual recognition

It’s a really wide branch to use AI. Criminalistics, police activity, Internet, banking, marketing and so on.
Internet marketing.

AI can analyze users’ behavior and present them the appropriate ads, and it can develop a marketing strategy after analyzing the incomes of a company.


AI-based high-precision weapons are the most important component of modern armies.


There is not a long time left until every human will have a robot-friend. This will help to solve huge social and psychological problems, especially for sick and lonely people, old ones, and children, too.   
And this is not a full list of possible AI usages. There are train control systems, systems of transportation for millions of tons of cargo all over the planet. As we can notice, AI systems significantly change the quality of humans’ life.

Yet here we are to notice that the machines which can think and percept as humans will not appear soon, even in the branches where human mind reached significant success.

Yet the machines having the same level of creativity, feelings and emotional intelligence as human will appear sooner or later. Will humanity understand it is not lonely then?

AI Essay Conclusion

To conclude the article, we’d like not to write about possible threats from AI to humans. Yet to mention about the problems our civilization will meet in five to ten years. The high speed of development for robotization and automatization will lead to the huge number of human workers left without their job.

Some experts see the way to solve this trouble in re-educating people, in the development of small and medium business, service sector. But a “non-human production” demands only a small quantity of high-qualified specialists, and there are even more machines getting into the service sector.

Stephen Hawking, the British physician, tells of humanity to get into the most dangerous period of its development, when a small part of businessmen and transnational corporations get richer and richer because of the scientific revolution and its inventions, and workers and middle-class people become unemployed.

The solution is to provide a part of incomes from the scientific and technical progress to the pockets of every human, just like every citizen gets part form natural resources’ export nowadays.

In other ways, both Eastern and Western world will feel serious social upheavals. Will the governments notice the sneaky danger approaching the World? The question still remains.

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