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AI Essay Sample

Artificial Intelligence Essay

The artificial intelligence (AI) topic has a great attention devoted to it nowadays. There are futurologists, politics, writers and businessmen, editors of scientific magazines and regular citizens talking about it. This article, based on media and internet information, was written by the authors of our essay writing service to discover the main patterns of this topic. So, what is AI for the human civilization: good or evil?

In recent years, there on the pages of many science-popular magazines a term of “singularity” appeared. What does this definition actually mean? Singularity or “the thing” is told to be something human can’t imagine, understand or accept. The Great Explosion which led to the appearance of the Universe could be called as singularity. Nuclear war, leading to the whole mankind extinction could be called singularity, too.

So, what is that? Those who stand on this theory tell that in the middle of XXI century the development of technologies could bring humans to lose control and understanding of machines’ behavior. To prove their theory, they bring up the fact that a machine could outplay the famous masters of Go. Go contains really huge quantity of possible combinations in it (10 in 365-th degree!) and can’t be played by enumeration method, unlike chess.

One of the scientific magazines’ editors in Russia said that humans still have one advantage – the ability to turn the AI system off. And the famous billionaire, the president of “SpaceX” firm Elon Musk, claimed that the humanity’s salvation in the new technological world is total integration with electronics.

Lots of psychologists in the world are skeptical according to the Musk’s idea. Many people are to process large volumes of information even now, and this leads to different psychical illnesses and deviations. What will be then, sometime in future? Will a human turned into a cyborg be happy? Won’t the total “electronization” lead to the opposing effect: enlarging the number of worries, fears and depressions?

Artificial Intelligence Essay Writing

Yet what is the profit of AI development nowadays? Let’s take a look onto the branches where artificial intelligence is being used nowadays.

AI systems are actively being used in fighting the forest fires, when there is no much time to make a decision and there are lots of factors to take into account: landscape, weather conditions, air and land instruments available, passes to the fire zone, wind speed, possible rains, natural zones and humans living locations etc. Based on these parameters, the AI system can compose a plan which it presents to a human for acceptance after. 

Medical Care

AI is used in the process of new medicine creation, for instance. This is a so called molecular docking. When by a 3D-modelling method they choose the one molecule of many thousands, which is the best in connecting with the target protein and blocking the grow of infection as a result.

See more arguments and conclusions in the next article.

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