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10 Hints for Those, Who Want to Learn a Foreign Language Effectively

A new language is a new world. Thus, knowing a new language makes your possibilities wider and opens a set of opportunities for the self-development. A modern educated person knows at least 1 foreign language, but any extra languages only make you wiser and more prone to success with your goals. The following hints will be useful for the people, who considers the development of their skills important, and who are studying a new language.

Learning of a New Language Is Opening of a New World
  1. Do Not Rely on Self-Education

    Self-education is surely a good thing, but it requires a lot of responsibility and the proper time management. Experts advise you to have a personal tutor or take the specific classes providing lessons on your particular level of awareness. A self-education will be a good supplement anyway.

  2. Devote Some Time for the Studies

    Only the regular lessons will have a good result. Do not trust the companies, offering you a fluent speech on the required new language within around 2-3 weeks. The regular improvements have the more efficient and long-lasting effect.

  3. Find the Best Particular Way of Learning

    Every person has a specific set of abilities and peculiarities. There are people, who percept information visually better than in an audial way. Determine your best type of learning to reach your aims more effective. You may find some tests online dealing with this issue.

  4. I Like + I Need: a Perfect Combination

    Read, play, watch films or news, or do whatever you like. But… apply a new language skill. It won`t be an issue to find materials in any popular language on the web. There are a also special games developed to train your grammatical, spelling, word choice skills etc., so learning will be a fun.

  5. Use Cards with Words

    Make cards with words you want to learn and specify their translation on the reverse. Make sure that you write all the possible variants of translation and examples of the word usage. The cards are handy, as you can work with them even in public transport on your way to home, office or university.

  6. Travel

    It is a good idea to go to the country with the required language native speakers. This will help you to destroy the language barrier and understand which words are more or less widely used. Moreover, you will get your pronunciation improved significantly.

    Travelling as the Best Speaking Practice
  7. Use Subtitles While Watching Films

    The characters in modern films use the modern and live language, which the colloquial and slang elements. Therefore, it will be a good idea to watch film with the appropriate translation. The synchronization of picture and text will contribute to your understanding and remembering. Furthermore, your language will get enriched by the commonly used word combinations, so it will sound more harmonically. It is also good to learn some jokes and idioms for making the lexicon richer.

  8. Use Modern Sources

    Language as any system changes with the time, adjusting to the new needs of society and getting new functions. Thus, there are some rules, which are no more actual and should not be considered. Please, make sure that you use the sources with the updated information.

  9. Listen to Audio Books

    Your mp3 player or smartphone will turn into a great helper in learning the new words, expressions or grammatical rules. Just get the audio book with the story in the language you want to learn and enjoy it walking, working or travelling. It is up to you to select the genre of the listening.

  10. Set Goals!

    It is a good idea to set aims and reach them one by one. For the better motivation it will be good to set a number of lessons to take, pages to read, new words to learn, and films to watch etc. To contribute to the motivation promise a prize for yourself for the goals achieved so far. Isn`t this a good idea: to buy a cake after having read 300 pages of the book in a new language?

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